• April 18th 2017
  • Why to attend

    LISTEN to Industry Leaders

    Capture the underlying strategies of key players in the TV Business ecosystem, in launching new services and overcoming obstacles in a diverse market.

    JOIN hundreds of your peers in a VIP environment

    TV Industry leaders including Pay TV operators and broadcast TV programmers, film and TV producers, regulators, media groups and technology providers will all get together in one place:

    MEET the decision makers

    Executive and C-level attendees get the opportunity to forge new partnerships, deepen relationships and explore new strategic opportunities.

    LEARN about opportunities of Digitisation

    Know more about the different challenges and opportunities for National MSOs, other MSOs and LCOs in the digitised space and the content distribution spectrum for players in the industry:

    GET Market Insights

    Who are the new players in TV business? What are the trends, forecasts, technology roadmaps, forthcoming new services and new business models? How to benchmark with US, European and Asian markets?

    UPDATE your strategies

    Check how Pay TV operators and FTA broadcasters are re-inventing themselves to face the arrival of new OTT competitors and the migration of “millennials” audience to Internet.

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    Main Topics for the 3rd edition – 2017

    • Digitization of Cable TV…crossing the last mile!
    • Scope for Free to Air in the new TV Environment
    • SAARC Countries: the Next Television Frontier… (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar)
    • Indian pay TV operators’ strategies for 2017 and beyond
    • The New Era for Cable television
    • Indian MSOs: The potential of cable broadband in India
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