• April 18th 2017
  • About the event

    Main Topics for the 3rd edition – 2017

    – Challenges in roll out and adoption
    – Creating new opportunities in telecom market for content delivery
    – How can operators monetize the delivery of video services over their networks?

    – Digitalization & Pay TV operators strategies
    – New content and HD distribution opportunities
    –Prospect for OTT & digital distribution

    – State and overview of the TV market in Bangladesh
    – Digitalization & Pay TV operators strategies
    – Opportunities for OTT and digital distribution

    – Overview of Myanmar and opportunities for new entrants
    – FTA & Pay TV development
    – Which opportunities in Mobile Tv and OTT

    – Digital video consumption trends in India
    – Which revenue model for MCN in India?
    – Challenges of securing original content

    – International success stories of Indian content
    – Which VOD models for India
    – Bollywood content going OTT
    – Monetization strategies: Freemium, premium, advertising

    – Partnership models with Pay TV and telecom operators
    – Driving premium services: key to success
    – Monetize content beyond subscription through partnerships with connected devices

    – Sport content goes beyond traditional linear TV
    – What business model for monetization

    AJS 6696
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